Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Discovering Me in a New Year

A New Year…. 
another time and place to wander through, paths to cross and footprints to leave behind…
on the way continuing forward…. 
to wherever that may lead….
I have no idea where , no expectations of how…
just that I will keep moving in a direction toward my betterment…
enhancement of self…
in search of what makes me ….me….
and I take with me the knowledge I have in hopes of obtaining more….  
I strive for balance…
I crave fulfillment… 
I desire …
I need…
I embrace my passion…
I am primal …
I am innocence ….
I am naive and I am savvy… 
dichotomies of my personality… 
my strengths and my weaknesses…..
I want to address them ….
one by one….
all in all….
as they stand now and as they arise… 
and the people I find along the way…
I hope they take some steps with me…
and when they no longer care to go in the same direction…. 
I will be grateful for the time we shared and I will miss them but they will remain in my memory …
because they were part of my journey of the discovery….
of me…

(Words from :

Lanthie Ransom


  1. I enjoyed this New Year post Lanthie. I'll definitely be embracing my passion this year, and addressing my strengths and weaknesses and I've already dropped off those who didn't fancy taking a walk with me last year. Well, why mess around and waste life's precious time?

    Happy New Year Lanthie and to all your loved ones.

  2. Beautiful. Love it. Happy New Year, my friend. xo

  3. May you find the "you" you're seeking. Happy New Year! May each day be better than the last.

    1. Hi Kitt - Certainly well on my way. Hope I've made the right decisions.

  4. Happy New Year sweet Lanthie! I wish nothing but love, happiness, clarity and strength for you this year. xoxo

    1. Thanks Holli. Same to you my friend. Maybe I should come visit you this year.

  5. Terrific New Years post Lanthie. Hope you can find happiness in your self discovery travels.

    Happy New Year.

    1. Hiya Phil - Happiness is all I'm after

  6. This is wonderful and I am hoping that 2014 will truly be a year of beautiful wonder and amazing self discovery! XO

  7. Finally did the sunshine awards post from forever ago. Head over and check it out. And thanks again! xoxo

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