Monday, 6 May 2013

Messages on a Board - 16th Birthday Gift List

Son no 3 turns 16 on Thursday this week.  He has been looking forward to this day for so long and it has been all he can talk about for weeks.  He is now at the "legal" age to be allowed to have sex apparently (he is under the impression that the female species are all going to start throwing themselves at him now that he is 16 / legal!

So today I found another message on my board in the kitchen:

16th Birthday List

Item no 1:

The list of music he wants is as follows (I must be getting old as I don't recognise anything - suppose I can splash out on some iTunes Vouchers:

Pierce the veil (albums)
-collide with the sky
-selfish machine
- a flair for the dramatic
- a celebration of an ending

for all those sleeping (albums)
- cross your fingers
- the lies we live

of mice and men (albums)
- of micr and men
- the flood

sleeping with sirens (albums)
- with ears to see and eyes to hear
- lets cheer to this

black veil brides (albums)
- wretched and divine : the story of the wild ones
- we stitch these wounds

tonight alive (albums)
- what are you so scared of?
- all shapes and disguises

breath caroline (albums)
- hello fascination
- hello is that you...
- its classy, not classic
- savages

mayday parade (albums)
- a lesson in romantics
- anywhere but here
- mayday parade

the word alive (albums)
- deceiver

woe is me (albums)
- bracket
- genesi[s]

Item No 2:

Box of Condoms - This one goes without saying and it is the first thing I have given all my sons when they have turned 16. May be a controversial issue but I would rather they had them and used them than have their lives messed up by unwanted STD's or pregnancies.  It is not to say I condone or encourage the use thereof....  (PS - Son no 1 and 2 were both finished all their schooling and in serious relationships the first time they used them)

Item No 3:

Tattoo - Still under much debate in our house.  Hubby has agreed to it and it looks like a done deal.   I have emphasized over and over again the consequences thereof and all I can do is remember to say "I told you so" in years to come.

So I hope all his dreams come true and wish him a very happy birthday week!  (Love you my son!)


  1. Happy birthday to your son :)

    As far a the condoms for your son, it's the only smart thing to do these days.

    1. It is the ONLY thing to do these days.

  2. Happy Birthday to son no3 and I hope he had a great time celebrating it.

    Lanthie when it comes to sex, what can you do but be a responsible mother. You raised him, advised him, gave him the tools and now he has to make choices, and those choices will have consequences.

    It may be controversial for some, but that doesn't mean you are sending your son out to have sex with every female in town. And despite your son putting it on his list, he may not have sex for several years anyway. I'm glad you had the balls to do this, too many parents shy away from it until a grandchild is knocking the door.

    1. Can't bear the thought of a grandchild just yet. SO hopefully he wont need to use them for many years yet but at least he has them when he makes the decision. I have given him a good grounding - he needs to put it to good use.

  3. Box 'o condoms anyday. Tell him to think good and hard about the ink, though....its there forever.

    1. yeah - he has had the speech and will get another one on his birthday. I trust him

  4. I think its cool that he was comfortable enough to add the condoms to the list. Communication is everything. I'm still sad for his choice of tattoo so young at age but he will learn the hard way.

  5. My first box of condoms came in handy in college then I found out you didn't need them for that!

    Love your son's frige messages...they could turn into a book.

  6. Wow--super cool Mama, giving her son a box of condom...:) Love your blog...:)

  7. You sound like a super cool mom Lanthie. More power to you. Just try and talk to him more about the tattoo. Nothing wrong with them but 16 is a bit young for them in my opinion.

  8. Pretty cool Post... Happy Birthday Dude: Be safe, be smart, & always smile.

    Have a great week, Slu


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