Monday, 18 February 2013

Strawberries & Cream

Valentines Day makes people do strange things.  I read an article in our Sunday Times newspaper yesterday and was intrigued by it.  Firstly it had me in a fit of laughter and it then got me thinking about why would a Mayor do something like this.  I made a copy of the first paragraph of the article and thought I would share:

You can understand a teenager taking pictures of their private parts and sharing - they are young and inexperienced, but as a mayor you surely know that you may end up in the media in an article just like this.

I didn't bother scanning the rest of the article - this says it all!


  1. Oh dear ... some people really don't think, do they! I can only hope he didn't MEAN to send it to his Deputy. God knows we've all done the accidental email send before.

    1. I'm quite good at sending emails to the wrong people. The article suggested he did send the pics on purpose to her - silly man!

  2. Some people can be so stupid. LOL That is funny.

  3. When are men going to learn? If you send naked pics, the person WILL share the pics! Crazy

  4. Yuck! I don't think I can have strawberries and cream again in my life!

  5. At least he covered it in Strawberries and cream! :)


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